Crafting With Printable Ephemera From Etsy

18 May

Quack Medicine Tiles from

I’ve only just recently come to love these printable collage sheets and other forms of printable ephemera from Etsy. When I first found them, I felt a bit like a purist — why would I print something out when I knew I should be finding it in some dusty old book at an attic sale? Isn’t this a little like cheating? Well, no, not really. For a crafter like myself, these things are total gems.

So far I’ve used I’ve used them already to make magnets (see above photo)but you could do so many other projects with them as well. What about using them as decoration on tin travel candles, coasters, jewelry, scrapbooking, greeting cards, bottle top magnets or buttons, decoupaged onto pretty much anything, etc. You can find an enormous range of images in all different styles, shapes, and sizes. There’s really something for every person and every type of project. Plus these digital collages can be used not only for your own crafts but also in small commercial projects as well. As long as you don’t resell the collage sheet you’re pretty much allowed to do what you want with them.

Here are some of my personal favorites:

Underwater Creature Paintings by Ernst Haeckel

Strange and Creepy Christmas Illustrations Digital Sheet (ENLARGE FOR FULL CREEPINESS)


Antique Medical Engraving Images


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