Love: The Bocket Store

26 May

Tres jolie, n'est-ce pas?

There is no doubt about it: I would love to go on a shopping spree at The Bocket Store.

When I approached the Bocket booth at the Renegade Craft Fair last weekend, I couldn’t help but make a big show of how freaking excited I was. Even from ten feet away I could see the richly colored wood and the shiny, brightly painted interior dots. So many of my favorite colors! So many interesting bowl shapes! Such sweet ladies behind the booth!

(And when I say “sweet ladies” I really do mean it. Both of the women I met were exceedingly friendly and fun to talk to.)

From what I understand, Ms. Sarah Bocket searches high and low for discarded wooden items — bowls, platters, decorative shapes, etc — in thrift stores, antique shops, what have you and then turns them into beautiful pieces of one-of-a-kinda functional art. Here’s an idea of what the wooden pieces look like before she attacks them with her artistry:


And here’s what they look like after:

Platter from The Bocket Store

Check out the new yellow dot bowls

Considering how many hours of painstaking labor must be involved in painting every last dot, restoring shine to all of the wooden items, and then finishing off each piece with a protective coating, these bowls are something of a steal. If you’d like to purchase something from her collection then head on over to The Bocket Store’s Etsy shop. You can also follow the store’s blog or check ’em out on Facebook.


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