LOVE: White Pepper Portraits

1 Jun

White Pepper Portaits, www.whitepepperportraits.comI am super excited to write about White Pepper Portraits here. Bee Johnson, the artistic mastermind behind the newly launched website, is a dear friend of mine and someone I’ve long turned to for original artwork. Usually you can find her editorial-style illustrations in publications like The New York Times and Memphis Magazine, but she’s now opening up her services to the general public through her custom illustrated portrait business. Her portraits make incredible gifts for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, holidays, you name it. I’ve already commissioned two portraits to give as presents myself!

When I give gifts, I want them to be personal. It doesn’t have to be pretty, though that’s always an enormous plus. When it comes down to it, I’ll take a handwritten card covered in glue and glitter instead of a stale Hallmark creation any day of the week, and that preference extends to more substantial presents as well. So when I had to come up with a wedding gift for my cousin and her new husband last month I knew something store-bought would never do. Enter Bee and her crazy-amazing portrait skills! Together we came up with a color palette that matched my cousin’s home as well as the bride and groom’s favorite colors. From the get-go, Bee worked from separate reference photos of my cousin and her husband to create a fresh new composition of the two of them embracing — pretty perfect for a wedding portrait. Overall, Bee was a pleasure to work with, incredibly helpful throughout the entire planning process, and attentive to every little detail imaginable. Here’s the finished product:

White Pepper Portraits custom illustration

Needless to say, my cousin and her new husband loved it!

Bee’s portraits make amazing gifts because they’re beautiful and they’re 100% original pieces of art. How often do everyday people get to buy and own original art by a trained, incredibly talented artist for a reasonable price? Soo rarely. And how often is hip, up-to-date custom portrait work like this made available so easily? Mhmm, same answer.

Be sure to check out the White Pepper Portraits website so you can commission a piece of your own!

If you want to stay updated on everything going on with Bee’s biz, you can follow her blog or her Twitter. And if you’d like to check out her  non-portraiture illustration blog feel free to do so as well.


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