Map, Maps Everywhere!

8 Jun

Last week I posted on my favorite DIY map crafts. Yesterday I posted about my favorite map-related wall art I’d found on Etsy. Today, to round things out, I’ve got a post full of other types of map-related  items I’ve favorited over the years. Enjoy!

[Note: As always, click the image to go straight to the Etsy shop where you can purchase the item pictured.]


AHeirloom sells these awesome cutting boards in the shape of states. Some make more sense than others (doing some serious chopping on Florida would be a little impractical) but all would make beautiful cheese cutting boards for parties.

Georgia Cutting Board by AHeirloom

Georgia Cutting Board by AHeirloom


I’ve lived in Austin less than a year now so I’m a little hesitant to plunge into the Texas-loving with this necklace from ChristineTerrell… but my goodness, I love it. She’s also got a Michigan version.

Texas Pendant from  christineterrell

So much Texas pride on display here.


I really want to buy these postcards by RarrarPress. A pack of ten comes with a little wooden heart stamp & stamp pad. You can also swap out some of the US map cards with a few world map cards.


LittleSaplingToys makes these teething toys in the shape of all fifty states as well as some continents as well.


Chew on this.

In case you feel inclined to give this wooden teething toy the side eye, read this first:

Little Teething Toys are the ideal first toy for babies to grasp and chew. A single wood shape or set make an adorable personal and unique gift for new parents and their new little ones. We’ve handcrafted these teethers with Hard Rock Maple, a non-splintering wood. It is naturally anti-bacterial, non-allergenic, and non-toxic. All of our Little Teething Toys are sanded satin smooth with no exterior finish.


You can seriously cover anything in maps if you’re so inclined. Why not clothespins? This set of five by JellyBeanStudio is only five bucks.

Map Clothespins by JellyBeanStudio

Adds a little something to photo displays along the lines of these:

image via Real Simple by Ellen Silverman

Image via Real Simple by Ellen Silverman


BoPeepBaby will make one of these map-centric embroidery hoops for you of any state, province, or country if you ask her nicely.

by bopeepbaby

Where does your heart belong?


There are a billion and one pillows with maps on them out there in the world (and the internet) but these are a little more exciting than the norm. These customizable accent pillows by LoveCalifornia come in sixteen different colors and — of course — every state in the USA.

Customizable Map Pillow by LoveCalifornia

If you’d prefer a specific country or continent, LoveCalifornia’s got you covered on that too. As a special bonus, they sell adorable constellation pillows as well:

Constellation Pillow by LoveCalifornia

Constellations are maps of a certain kind, no?


PipeDreams2010 makes magnetic puzzles that are both gorgeous and fun to play with. According to one of my friends, they’re even kinda sexy as far as maps go. Each puzzle is made from a different beautifully finished hardwood and some, like the Australian map below, are composed of a mix of woods.

Australia Magnetic Puzzle by PipeDreams2010

Perfect for the fridge!


Chicago Map Necklace by ZanneAvenue

Chi-Town Love

Zanneavenue sells really inventive necklaces made from old eyeglasses. I love this one of Chicago but you should also check out her other map-related items.


Still want more? Apartment Therapy has done a number of map decor round-ups that might interest you as well:


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