A Big Weekend For Craft-Lovers

10 Jun

Attention craft lovers! This weekend marks at least two exciting craft events nationwide that you should take advantage of if you can.

The Renegade Craft Fair will be hitting Brooklyn’s McCarren Park this Saturday and Sunday, and I think you should know by now how I feel about the Renegade Craft Fair. This is not an event to be skipped! If for some strange reason reason you don’t believe me, you can always check out my write-up of the Austin Renegade Craft Fair.

Renegade Craft Fair Brooklyn

Do NOT miss this!

And if you’re in Atlanta, you should definitely check out the Indie Craft Experience going on this weekend. Admission is five bucks but I’m sure that’ll be money well spent.

Indie Craft Experience Atlanta

Need some more convincing? Check out this video about the fair:


BONUS: June 18th is Etsy Craft Day! True, it’s not his weekend, but it requires planning so I’m throwing it out there now. Host an Etsy Craft Party or attend a meet-up planned by someone else! Click the following photo to go to the Etsy Storque article about this awesome event. You can also find a meet-up to attend if you just go clickclickclick.

Etsy Craft Party

Photo by blissinateacup of etsy.com/shop/blissinateacup

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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