Milk & Honey Naturals Give Away

10 Aug

Delicious-smelling soap + FREE anything = 2 of my favorite things ever!
Milk and Honey Naturals is one of my favorite peddlers of soaps, solid shampoos, and conditioners on Etsy. I’ve mentioned them twice here in the past and am happy to announce that they’re doing a special giveaway right now.

Click this image to go to the website & learn how to enter to win.

From the Milk And Honey Naturals website:

So, what’s up for grabs you ask?  Any 3 items you would like from my entire shop – except whole soap loaves and gift sets of course.  You get to choose 3 items from dozens of handmade soaps, solid shampoos, solid conditioners, facial and shaving soaps, solid lotions and solid lotion repellents, solid parfum, lip treatments and more!

There are a bunch of easy ways to enter the giveaway listed on the Milk And Honey Blog — so go enter now. You’ve only got until the end of August so you best get busy!


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