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DIY Magazine Holder

18 Jul

Click the image for Food Wine & Mod Podge's tutorial.

I’ve never been one to actually subscribe to magazines, but this past year I’ve been receiving both Bitch Magazine and The Economist at my doorstep. So far I’ve just been letting old issues pile up in random places around my apartment but as I prepare for The Big Move in two weeks I’m thinking I need a better system in place.

Enter this tutorial for a DIY magazine holder from Food Wine & Mod Podge.

Looks pretty awesome, right? And all I need is stuff I’ve already got around my place — mod podge, beer box, pretty paper, scissors, and tape.

Click this image or the one above to go to Food Wine & Mod Podge for the tutorial:


Lotions and Potions

16 Jun

As a little girl, one of my absolute favorite games was to dress up like a witch with my friends and make lotions and potions out of various bath and body products. Occasionally our brews would actually turn out to be useful but most of the time they were pretty revolting… By now I’ve thankfully become a little more sophisticated about the whole thing — gone are the days when I’d stuff aloe vera gel, my father’s mouthwash, my mother’s cold cream, and a handful or two of glitter into a leftover shampoo bottle. Instead I’ve graduated to using real ingredients from my kitchen pantry to make concoctions that can actually be put on my body without fear of damaging my skin. I’m sure you’ll be happy to know I’ve also ditched the whole pretending-to-be-a-witch thing.

Anyway, I’ve in the mood lately for mixing up some lotions and potions so I thought I’d share a few recipes for yummy bath and body products that can be easily made at home. Most involve ingredients you can find in your own kitchen or garden with minimal trips to the store for special chemicals.

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Staple-free Matchbook Notepad

24 May
DIY Matchbook Notebooks

DIY Matchbook Notebooks from Daisy Janie

I just came across this tutorial for making staple-free matchbook notepads via Daisy Janie. I realize the original post is about a year old but I just love this idea.

A) I try to always have a mini notebook in my purse so I can jot down notes to myself throughout the day — movies I want to see, books I want to read, groceries I need to pick up, etc.

B) I love that the stitching makes these pages easy to pull out without messing up the entire notebook. Perforation, hell yes!

I’m going to try this out as soon as I fix my sewing machine. Hopefully that means some day in the very near future… We’ll see.

Check out the tutorial for yourself here.